Two Door Cinema Club// New Slang

It doesn’t matter who you are, or what kind of music you’re into, I can guarantee you know the tune to at least one two door song. They’re the kind of upbeat indie that advertisers dream of. Off the back of their Reading set – which was insane, I’ve never danced so hard – they’ve released their third album and announced a string of tour dates, but have still managed to squeeze in two shows at the Hippodrome. When you consider that they’re booked for two nights at Ally Pally, it’s a confusing as to why neither of the shows tonight have sold out.

Tonight was touted as an album release party, which if I’m honest made me a little nervous. I love two door’s first albums and they’re great live but their newest offering struck me as a bit of a miss. There are a few good tracks, including the lead single wreck which was reminiscent of their previous material, but for the most part the album just seemed ok. I’ll listen to it sure but I’m not going to have it on repeat, it’s not going to be stuck in my head all day. And for a band that have made their name on producing high octane indie pop hooks perfect for the ads, it doesn’t quite live up to expectation.

So when they opened with 2 classics from their back catalogue I breathed a sigh of relief. It does seem strange that a band playing an album release show would play only a few tracks from the album. Live the newest offerings fiat better than expected, they have a little more life and it’s back in familiar territory – two door making people dance around in a sweaty room. It’s hard to put your finger on what makes two door good live. There is little interaction between songs, generally a period of silence and they set up for the next song. They don’t look particularly invested – they’re not pouring their very being into the set which is what sets a few other artists apart. So, in theory they shouldn’t be better live than they are on record. And yet they are. Everyone is dancing, everyone is into it – more than at most shows. So perhaps that’s their brilliance – their music does the work for them. I can’t help but think perhaps that won’t work with the new material. Who knows, I’ve got tickets for their ally pally show so I guess I wait and see.



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