Aurora// Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Aurora is one of those rare singers that don’t come along very often. The best way to describe her would be if bjork, Kate bush and lorde had a ethereal woodland creature baby. Sounds far fetched but if you’ve ever seen her live you’ll know what I mean. I saw her at latitude, I hadn’t planned on watching her but since there was no one else I wanted to see I thought I’d give her a go. God am I glad I did. Her album is amazing, and I don’t want to detract from that, but live it is a whole other experience. She lives and breathes her music, and watching her feels almost like you’re intruding. She is so taken with the music, she embodies ever word, and yet she doesn’t lock the audience out. Tonight, at Shepherd’s Bush was a gig unlike any other I have been to in the last few years. There was barely anyone talking over the music, at times there was complete silence and looking out across the crowd there were only a handful of phones. She is so spellbinding that everyone seemed to want to just live the moment.

Between songs she chats with the crowd and everyone is hanging o her every word. She tells everyone how she is going to Harry Potter world the next day, how she requests that her band has beards all the while apologising for talking too much. She seemed completely taken aback and overwhelmed at the reception she receives. It’s clear she has not yet realised quite how special she is. I can only hope she holds onto that childlike wonder because there is no doubt her career is going to skyrocket over the next few years. With possibly the greatest live voice I have ever seen, it’s clear this quiet Norwegian girl is going to be taking over the world.